MAR 2019 CWTA Luncheon

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Thursday, Mar. 21, 2019 Dressler’s Midtown 12:00 – 1:30

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  • March 21, 2019
  • 12:00 - 1:30 pm

Valuing Supply Chain Networks in International Trade

Global value chains are being reshaped by rising demand and new industry capabilities in the developing world as well as a wave of new technologies.

Even with trade tensions and tariffs dominating the headlines, important structural changes in the nature of globalization have gone largely unnoticed.

Although output and trade continue to increase in absolute terms, trade intensity is declining within almost every goods-producing value chain. Flows of services and data now play a much bigger role in tying the global economy together. Not only is trade in services growing faster than trade in goods, but services are creating value far beyond what national accounts measure. Services already constitute more value in global trade than goods. In addition, all global value chains are becoming more knowledge-intensive. Low-skill labor is becoming less important as a factor of production. Contrary to popular perception, only about 18 percent of global goods trade is now driven by labor-cost arbitrage.

Three factors explain these changes: growing demand in China and the rest of the developing world, which enables these countries to consume more of what they produce; the growth of more comprehensive domestic supply chains in those countries, which has reduced their reliance on imports of intermediate goods; and the impact of new technologies.

Globalization is in the midst of a transformation. Yet the public debate about trade is often about recapturing the past rather than looking toward the future. The mix of countries, companies, and workers that stand to gain in the next era is changing.

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  • Sean Kelley
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Sean Kelley is VP Business Development and Wallace Everett is Quality Administrator/Projects Manager with Bonded Logistics.

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Privately owned, Bonded integrates warehousing, contract packaging, and transportation services to offer a single-source supply chain solution to their broad client base.

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