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About the Charlotte World Trade Association (CWTA):

The Mission of the CWTA is to help the Charlotte area experience growth through trade by connecting, educating and advocating for� global trade in the Charlotte Region and throughout the Carolinas.

Facts about Trade in the Carolinas:

In 2013, exports from North Carolina were $29.3 billion, and exports from South Carolina were $26.1 billion.1 International trade – both exports and imports – supports 1.2 million North Carolina jobs and 550,000 South Carolina jobs.2

Globally engaged U.S. companies account for 45% of North Carolina’s total private-sector employment, and 41% of South Carolina’s total private-sector employment.

The Charlotte area is home to more than 900 foreign-owned firms that employ more than 68,000 people.

With the continued growth of global trade and investment in North and South Carolina, professionals need to form connections and develop knowledge about the global economy. The Charlotte (North Carolina) World Trade Association is the only group in the Charlotte area with the specific purpose of educating about and advocating for global trade.

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The CWTA was established in the 1960s when a group of professionals in Charlotte began meeting on a regular basis to discuss foreign trade opportunities and challenges. Since that time, the CWTA has consistently brought together a high quality group of professionals and leaders to exchange knowledge and build relationships. The CWTA is a chapter of the North Carolina World Trade Association, which is a statewide organization that promotes the growth of international commerce between North Carolina and the world.


The CWTA normally has monthly lunch meetings near uptown Charlotte, and occasionally holds events in other locations. These monthly luncheons are rich in content and cover a wide range of topics. Recent events have included:
Doing Business in Mexico, featuring business and government leaders that are actively working in Mexico
Global Workforce Development, held at Siemens in Charlotte
Selling Charlotte Globally, featuring Sven Gerzer of the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce
Connecting Charlotte to the World, featuring former Charlotte Airport Director Jerry Orr


The CWTA is governed by a Board of Directors who work in a variety of fields including accounting, banking, manufacturing, distribution and higher education. The CWTA Board is committed to expanding global trade in the Charlotte area for the benefit of the entire community.


As a non-profit organization led by a volunteer Board, the CWTA depends on member support to continue providing high quality programs and networking opportunities for the business community. For membership opportunities please refer to the membership application on the CWTA website at or speak directly with a CWTA Board Member.

Event Sponsorship:

The CWTA welcomes and encourages event sponsorships. The event sponsor will have their company logo prominently displayed, and will receive recognition for their contribution at the event. Please contact the CWTA Membership Director for more information.      

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